Battery-based, DC-connected microgrid platform by ARDA Power

Date(s) - 04/25/2017
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Beacon Place Lower Level Conference Room


IEEE Technical Presentation                                        Date: April 25, 2017

Location: Beacon Tower, Independence, OH

The Company: ARDA Power                                         Technology: Microgrid

Introduction: ARDA Power offers a battery-based, DC-connected microgrid platform that is simple, low cost, efficient, resilient and versatile. Founded in 2009 to commercialize a microgrid technology originated at the University of Toronto, the company began developing a range of power electronics components for distributed generation and DC-based microgrids including the ARDA Source DC-DC Converter, Bidirectional DC-AC Inverter and battery storage management for different global clients. ​In late 2015, ARDA Power was awarded a grant by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to install a first-of-its-kind DC microgrid project in Burlington, Ontario using the ARDA DC microgrid Platform.

ARDA Power will be changing the way the world implements microgrid systems for non-residential buildings. For the first time ever, the industries can simply and quickly configure a microgrid system using common controls and modular components. ARDA Power’s business model is focused on the ability for continuous innovation while rapidly scaling up production and satisfying customers’ needs.


6:00: Dinner

6:15: Brief review of general microgrid technology

6:30- 8:30: Main presentation


Presentation: The benefits of ARDA Power technology in contrast to other microgrid options as follows:

  1. Basic technology platform of ARDA DC microgrid and its benefits are outlined as:
  • Simple: Plug-and-play design allows for easy scalability using modular components with limited redesign or reprogramming required when adding or removing sources and loads.
  • High Efficiency and Low Cost: The DC Platform design reduces capital cost and increases efficiency by eliminating redundant DC-AC conversions and utilizing plug-and-play components to reduce engineering requirements.
  • Resilient: Single mode of operation in grid-tied and off-grid operation increases resiliency to AC grid faults and failures.
  • Modular: Modular design limits points of failure. Decoupling from AC grid eliminates reactive power flow and the need to synchronizing to frequency and phase angle.
  • Versatile and Scalable: Supports DC and AC sources and loads in almost unlimited configurations and is compatible with multiple battery technologies.
  1. An insight into the Burlington DC microgrid project.
  2. Application of ARDA Power’s DC microgrid Platform in real world environment of a DC-linked low cost and resilient grid connected microgrid installed in Head Office and North American manufacturing facility of industrial company Etratech.
  3. ARDA Power’s technology and business model should appeal to key players in industry and stakeholders such as:
  • OWNERS: Fewer design challenges, lower costs, and increased resiliency.
  • INTEGRATORS: Streamlines the process of delivering a microgrid to client sites.
  • ENERGY STORAGE COMPANIES: Enables participation in the rapidly growing market for microgrids.
  • UTILITIES: Eliminates the complexity of integrating microgrids into the utility grid.
  1. Q&A


The Speaker: Mr. Aleksey Toporkov is ARDA Power’s first investor and has been actively involved in the company since 2013. Prior to joining ARDA, Aleksey was co-owner and CEO of Schindler Elevators and Escalators’ JV in Russia. Switzerland-based Schindler is one of the largest elevators and escalators companies in the world. Aleksey later joined Schindler USA where he managed their Cost Leadership and Industrialization Programs.


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