World’s First Direct Drive Transformerless 70/100 Volt Beam Forming Loud Speakers

Date(s) - 09/24/2019
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Beacon Place Lower Level Conference Room


Dennis Althar

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Come Hither One and All!

The short comings of typical public sound systems and how utilization of military & medical wave shaping technology can overcome problems previously thought insurmountable.
A new type of sound delivery system created in Cleveland Ohio by Althar LLC.
The presentation consists of the talk, equipment demo and Q&A interaction for a sound learning experience.  There will be networking and refreshments prior to the presentation.


Dennis Althar’s Bio:

“Started doing electronics at the age of five read all the books on electronics in the local library on the adult and children’s side. (ended up owning the building the only ten sided building in U.S.) Was repairing and mostly modifying stereos and TVs.
Left home actually when around 14 still to graduate from high school was doing college courses in the summers from ninth grade on.
Joined the Air Force after high school did a 2 1/2 year electronics course in eight weeks had the highest scores they had ever had.
Went Immediately to Southeast Asia the Philippines and TDY’s to Thailand working for the 13th Air Force in electronics.
Had experience in all our types of electronics 1st Class FCC license (took all tests in one day.) with vor and dme and a couple of years ago finally got around to taking ham license test all in 20 minutes when’s straight to extra.
Has experience in all types of electronics from low frequency to satellite communications radar x-ray all types of medical ekg testing ultrasound. 
Built the highest resolution video recorders in the world had 85% of cardiac labs with his design and built equipment.
Had 95% of Teleradiology equipment in northern Ohio using wavelet all the way back in 1984.
Had the first hard drive in Ohio on a apple to a whopping 5 MB at a cost of $3000 owned three.
Made the first video projector capable of displaying an Apple Macintosh 128 with analog CRTs the only other device that would do it was $100,000 Hughes aircraft light valve.
KnownSTEVE Woz since the 70s he still answers his emails.
Built the first apple II that could do video overlay without a frame memory and would measure cardiac output and regional wall motion.
Never got a degree but took a lot of college courses and has read a lot of books. Is known as a world expert in number electronic Technologies.
Just an inventor kid from the projects 😀😀



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