Cleveland IEEE Special Awards to 2021 NEOSEF

The Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair was a virtual event this year held in March. Cleveland IEEE recognized six of the student’s presentations that best fit the following criteria:

  1. Projects whose topic falls within the scope of electrical and electronic engineering (including math, computer science and physics.)
  2. Projects that explain not only what the student intended to show but also how the student arrived to the final results.
  3. Describing failures and how they were overcome are bonuses.

Five members of the Cleveland IEEE section acted as special judges, reviewing the presentations and selecting the award winners. The six selected topics were:

  • Identifying Space Debris from Real Satellites using an AI Based Vision System and RF Signal Detection
  • Eddy Current Braking System
  • Can Different Types of Mud Produce Electricity
  • Fruit Dye and Sunscreen to Solar Power: Creating and Testing Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide Solar Cells
  • A Low-power, Wide-Range Emergency Radio (LoWER) Communication System for use in Natural Disasters
  • Smart Robotic Arm for Manipulation – A force-sensitive robotic arm that utilizes AI based vision system to grasp objects intelligently

A (virtual) party was held on April 15 to recognize the work of the students. Four of the students attended and described their projects.