Summary of 2022 Cleveland IEEE events

Many of our 2022 events, listed below, include pictures of the presenters and participants at Most of the 16 events were in-person with a streaming option so that people could attend in more than spirit if the body wasn’t willing. The events ranged from professional technical presentations, social gatherings for adults and for families, and recognition of students and IEEE members for their achievements. And the student branches within Cleveland, from Case Western Reserve and from Cleveland State University, have re-started after the recent Covid shutdowns with their own events.

Event Title
NEOSEF 2022 Award party for Cleveland IEEE : Cleveland Section
When the grid was The Grid : Cleveland Section Jt Chapter,RL07/IE13/PE31/IA34
July 2022 Executive Committee (open to members) at Margarittaville : Cleveland Section
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training Workshop : Cleveland Section Chapter,CS23/C16
2022 NASA Glenn Silicon Carbide (SiC) Materials & Devices Workshop : Cleveland Sec Jt Chpt, AP03/MTT17/ED15/AES10/COM19
IEEE Matlab/Simulink training workshop : Cleveland State University, WIE
Navy Nuclear Engineering Presentation : Case Western Reserve University
Oscilloscope Workshop : Cleveland State University, WIE
VDL – Connecting Space Assets to the Internet: Challenges and Solutions : Northwest Florida Section Chap,C16/COM19
Blockchain Webinar : Case Western Reserve University
Tour Motor/Generator Repair Shop – Integrated Power Services (IPS) : Cleveland Section Jt Chapter,RL07/IE13/PE31/IA34
Dinner Meeting on U.S. Technology Policy : Cleveland Section
2022 Cleveland IEEE Senior Membership Drive : Cleveland Section
FENEO Networking & Embedded IoT Educational Programming : Cleveland Section Chapter,CS23/C16
Careers in Electric Power Systems : Cleveland Section Jt Chapter,RL07/IE13/PE31/IA34
Tour of the USS Cod and picnic lunch for members and their family : Cleveland Section